Bringing the recipes to life

Last week was an important step on the journey to creating our book of recipes and stories. After months of calling in favours, seeking out talented creatives and climbing a very steep learning curve, we were finally immersed in the world of food photography. And what a detailed and involved process it is! In the space of two days we cooked 38 recipes from scratch and photographed all of them to a top standard. 

Helen said: "It was important to us that the recipes were given the appreciation and respect that they deserved. It's not a book from a celebrity chef or a fancy restaurant, but each and every recipe means a huge amount to the person who donated it - it was crucial that the recipes were photographed with as much love as they had been written with. They are recipes that speak of friends and family, and of home and belonging. We wanted them to be photographed in all their glory."

A crack-team involving chef and food stylist Oliver Rowe (@oliver_rowe_london); multi-award winning photographer John Nassari (@johnnassari), local chef Sanchia Lovell (@sanch_melimelum), worked alongside the Stories & Supper team. Together, we chopped, baked, stirred, styled and carefully captured each recipe of the book. The industry standard is to complete between eight to 10 recipes a day, so we felt pretty pleased with ourselves to have made it through the whole book in record time.

Styling up the dishes

On Saturday, we also took some beautiful photos of our team to go alongside the migration stories which make up the second key element of the book. The portraits were taken by photographer Laura Martinez (@lauralalis), who features in the book herself with her story about leaving her home country Venezuela. 

You can taste the recipes for yourself at our pre-launch celebration supper on Sat 16 November and our official book launch on Wed 4 December. And of course you can cook them in your own home when you buy your copy of the book.

We cannot wait to share this wonderful publication with you. To be one of the first to read it, pre-order your copy here.

Celebrating all our hard work with a little glass of bubbles!

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