Digital Marketing and Fundraising - Can YOU Help?

Donorbox.  Patreon. Liberapay. Digital fundraising. Subscription models. Do these words mean anything to you?  Can you help them mean something to us?!

We have a mission. We want to change the way that people see migration.  We do this through creating gorgeous food, telling stories and connnecting people with high quality art and entertainment.  We have a huge amount of goodwill and positivity supporting us and we know that we've made a difference.   We also have inspiring content that shows this happening... most of it created by willing volunteers.

While much of the money we need to fulfill our mission is generated by our events - we are a social enterprise so generate some income - we find that the better the event for having great conversations, the harder it is for us to break-even.

We'd like to make it easy and fun for people to support what we do - so we can support more people in their day-to-day lives and continue to challenge the divisive UK narratives around migration. 

If you are passionate about our mission, impressed by the beautiful people who have helped us get this far, and skilled in all those words up there, please get in touch.  You can find out more about us here on this site and through our previous report.

If this is not your bag, please pass it on - and please support one of our events - thank you! 

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