Garden Party - Thank You!

"I heard an interesting story in the distance...."

*****We sold out of all our gorgeous food!*****

Over 150 people heard stories last weekend, that brought them closer to the real experiences of people forced to move.

If you were one of those who stumbled across us - and it was a first time for many people! Thank you so much for sharing your evening with us. We had an amazing line-up: from Sierra Leone to Venezuela, Biafra to Iraq, Ghana to Sri Lanka. Did you come along? Did anything you heard surprise you? Please send us a quick comment if you didn't get chance to fill in one of our cards.

"So eye-opening. I feel like this is such an important endeavour and I feel so privileged that the speakers shared their stories with us."

The words of encouragement for our storytellers was touching, as were the many new friendships forged and pledges of support. We were also very heartened to see that amongst some truths that are difficult to hear, people felt the hope and humanity.

We are producing a recipe book with a difference this year - please support our crowdfunder this summer!

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