Make an Impact -Change the Story

Our volunteers have made an impact - join us behind the headlines

"Such an antidote to the bad news in the media... I've learned so much about different experiences of coming to the UK."

Why do people volunteer? There are as many motivations as there are people, but many many people do it because they want to DO something. To make a difference.

Our volunteers have made a difference. For the people that are part of our projects, and for the people that come to our events.

They've informed

"I didn’t know that refugees only have £5 a day to live on..."

They've inspired more action

"Gives us the confidence to try our own stories evening"

They've connected

"A lasting emotional impact. Many thanks to everyone. Come back to Chingford!"

And they've made people feel more settled.

"I am happier from meeting and working with new people."

And the stories, food and people have had an impact on our volunteers too. This inspiring storyteller has his sights on the olympics!

We are so grateful to all the volunteer effort that's got us this far - and we have some great opportunities to be involved coming up.

With our events in both London and Herefordshire - with a beautiful recipe book and online inspiration blossoming too - there are so many ways you could support. More about our roles here, and more will appear soon.

Why not come down to the Migration Museum this Saturday June 8th and see us in action - or head to our next Saturday workshop.

...And if you would like to support us with a donation - here's the link! Thank you!

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