Help us Publish a Book!

Mariam: Myanmar, Hornbeam 2017

Shahnaz: India, Garden Party 2019

If you've been to one of our suppers, you'll know that the food we serve really takes you around the world.

Imagine if our food and stories could do that in your kitchen too?!

Imagine if you helped to make it happen?!

We are so proud to be part of the first London Borough of Culture with our recipe book project. But we need your help to make it happen - we need to raise money for the publishing costs. Can you be one of our crowdfunding champions this August?

Do you have at least one social media account, a blog or are happy to email friends? Are you happy to stand by to tell the world why you think our recipe book is worth funding? Would you like to pre-order the book?

Contact Rebecca and help us reach our target in August!

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