We enjoyed sharing the stories of our volunteers this Refugee Week. Hope you caught them and shared them! Here's one...

Shahnaz has cooked up a storm at many events and everyone RAVES about her food! She's pictured here with Helen at our last Herefordshire supper, with the most stunning Bagara Baingan curry. She has been on a long journey with the asylum and immigration system and is still waiting to find out if she can stay in the UK. Due to draconian legislation, she’s been unable to work for much of that time. She’s gained new skills and networks by being involved, and we’ve learned so much from her. It’s a two-way street.

From Street Food to Social Media, help us reach more people with the stories that matter! Could you be the volunteer that works alongside Shahnaz and the rest of the team, offering support when it’s needed? Filling in a form? Making a phone call?

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