Street Food & Stories Ledbury: 12th October 2019

"Just your average shift, in your average pizza shop..." Ever wondered what the real stories are?

In our second supper in Ledbury Herefordshire, we are so proud to be joined by Phosphoros Theatre - fresh from Edinburgh Fringe with their show Pizza Shop Heroes.

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Mouth-watering global dishes, and stories from around the world will combine in this street food and theatre event at Canon Frome Court this autumn.

Stories and Supper brings together volunteers, refugees and dinner guests - sharing food and stories, and building connections along the way. This is our first event collaboration with the 5 star theatre company of actors - who all came to the UK as unaccompanied asylum seeking children. Phosphoros Theatre 'bring the unseen to light' - and Pizza Shop Heroes is their third production. Four young men working your average shift in your average pizza shop take us on a journey across time and continents to show how extraordinary they are.

Stories & Supper director and Ledbury resident Rebecca is excited to bring the collaboration to Herefordshire; "Our county's foodie events are going from strength to strength, with a great range of local produce and great global recipes - so we're continuing this love of food and adding some stories behind it too. Every dish has a story - and finding those stories out is such a pleasure and a feast for our ears and our taste buds!

The local team also includes Yildiz Farfour, a young Syrian refugee now based in Herefordshire and about to embark on A-Levels. He will be juggling helping with publicity with studying hard – “I’ve already lost so many years without education. I don’t want to waste anymore!” Jenny Holland, Hereford ‘born and bred’ is also involved – “I love food events and I love this idea of stories that tell more than the headlines with food”.

Rebecca explains why she decided to bring Stories and Supper to Ledbury: “I was struck by the similarity of stories that have woven through rural England over the years, and the stories I hear from people who've migrated from other rural areas around the globe. This area has received a number of resettled refugee families in the past few years and has been quick to establish support networks such as Malvern Welcomes and Ledbury Refugee support. We also, as a rural farming area, have hosted many seasonal farm workers through the years. We all see the negative migration headlines in our newspapers but knowing more about each other can only be a good thing for a harmonious community in the future – which is what we all want after all!”

Tickets are £20 and include theatre, entertainment and food. There are discount flyers heading to takeaways in the area – if you have a takeaway and would like to display one, please get in touch or head down to your local takeaway and see if you can find it!

You can also pick up a discount flyer at the Ledbury Food Market on September 5th 6-8pm, and grab a taster of some of the delicious food that will be on offer!

We are also producing a recipe book: “Stories and Supper is about enjoying, connecting - and finding out more - our first Stories & Supper recipe book this year giving you the opportunity to get these stories and vibrant flavours into your own kitchen!”

Please share far and wide... And if you'd like to be involved and live in Herefordshire please get in touch with Rebecca:

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