What a Kickstart!

Well, we knew that we were responding to a demand with this book, but it's very nice to have it confirmed!

Thanks for getting us started so brilliantly with the stories and recipes kickstarter. Less than a week in and we are nearly at 25%!

It is so much appreciated - The quicker we get to our target, the more time we can spend making the book beautiful and useful :)

I want you to imagine this book as a tool, a mini weapon of truth and love in all of our missions to stop misinformaton and negative stories of migration...

A tool that makes it easier for us all to share the stories that matter, and that brings hope into our kitchen too - we know that it's hard and that the worst thing is to lose hope. Our weekly connection and our friendly supportive network shows us this regularly - more than anything, this is what has built our understanding and kept us going.

Thank you so much for your support so far, please keep sharing far and wide and we look forward to reaching the target so we can print this excellent collaboration of wonderful people!



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